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This site is managed by the Cornell University Library’s Chief Technology Strategist, Dean Krafft. It’s authors will include a number of people from the Cornell University Library with an interest in how IT and the web is affecting the future directions of academic libraries. This site is primarily the home of the CULTech Blog – a place to discuss the events, challenges and opportunities of information technologies for CUL and academic libraries in general. Below, we list a number of sites and projects within CUL that also deal with various aspects of Library IT.

We encourage your comments and feedback. General comments are welcome on this page, or you can add specific comments to individual blog posts.

Relevant CUL Web Sites

  • CULLabs – The CUL laboratory site where we test out new tools and capabilities
  • DLIT – The Confluence Wiki site for the Division of Library IT
  • DataSTaR – Home of the Data Staging Repository – an NSF-funded project on data curation
  • DISCOVER – The DISCOVER Research Service Group – a project to develop a robust cyberinfrastructure to support data-driven science at Cornell
  • Cornell Digitized Books – Public Domain Books from the Cornell Library available at the Internet Archive
  • Cornell Books at Amazon – Cornell’s digitized books available in paperback from Amazon. 6,000 now and 80,000 soon!
  • Registry of Digital Collections – Browse the digital resources of the Cornell University Library

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