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Dean Krafft

Dean Krafft - Chief Technology Strategist

Dean Krafft - Chief Technology Strategist

Dean is the Chief Technology Strategist at the Cornell University Library, a position that he has held since July 2008. He is also a Senior Research Associate in Information Science at Cornell. Prior to taking this position, he served as the Principal Investigator for the National Science Digital Library Core Integration project at Cornell, and also as Director of Information Technology for Computing and Information Science. He originally came to Cornell as a Ph.D. graduate student in Computer Science in 1976, receiving his Ph.D. in 1981. Since then, he has served in a number of research and IT management roles in Computer Science and Information Science at Cornell. He has an extensive background in digital libraries, serving as the PI on the ARPA-funded Computer Science Technical Reports project and leading the group that invented the Dienst protocol and NCSTRL. You can find Dean’s full CV and other information at his Computer Science web page.